Monday, January 30, 2017

trusting His time

This stage of life is hard. SO hard. Growing up is hard people - just plain hard. This stage of life is filled with many new friendships, heart breaks, new loves, chapter endings, and new beginnings, but its hard.

I'm 22 years old, so I'm young - I have my whole life ahead of me right? It doesn't always feel that way. In fact 70% of the time I feel like I'm running out of time. Trying to decide on a career in time, find a husband in time, get married in time, have children in time. But what's the rush?

We live in a Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook-filled world. Everything is on social media, and though social media is great, we can sometime become so obsessed with it that we forget who we want to be, and we start striving to be someone else. I know for me, Pinterest is my weakness. I could scroll through Wedding Pinterest boards for hours. Looking at the perfect engagement rings, dresses, decorations, and I find that I want that NOW. I pick out the perfect house, bedrooms, backyards, my future children's rooms, clothes, and I want that all NOW.

This is the time of life when I have friends that are getting engaged/married, having children, starting a new chapter in life, and I can't help but feel jealous sometimes. Since I can remember, I have wanted to get married young and have children. I thought my time for all of that would be soon (until a devastating break-up happened 6 months ago). I had everything worked out in my time; when I was going to graduate college, get engaged, get married, have children. I thought it was perfect in my eyes. I had MY plan, MY time-frame.

It's taken me a lot of time, finding myself, and a whole lot of praying to realize that God's timing is perfect. Way more perfect than the "perfect" time-frame I had for my life. No, I may not be married at 22, graduate college in 3 years, or have 3 children before I am 30, but no matter what, I know and trust that God's timing is always perfect!



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